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We are reinventing education for the challenges to come

Creado por CEU el 18 de junio de 2020

At Universidad CEU San Pablo, we have laid the foundations for what will be the future of teaching with classrooms designed to accommodate two types of attendance.

The future of education has moved on from classroom-based learning to include a suitable combination of a traditional classroom and online attendance. Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid has quickly adapted, with the help of advanced technology, and transformed our teaching model to this mixed format. It is an innovative way of teaching and learning.

We are working so that whatever happens in the future, we can guarantee to welcome students back to the classroom and maintain our high-quality teaching.

As such, we are installing “dual attendance classrooms” in the Faculties that break with tradition and allow some of our students to attend class in person and others to follow it online through a screen. In this way, online students can enjoy an immersive classroom experience and attend class as normal with their peers and professor, even though they are doing so via a screen.

Hybrid classrooms

With the help of advanced technology, professors can teach students in person and online at the same time. Online students will be able to see their peers and professor who are in the actual classroom and interact with them via several cameras and screens. In turn, the professor and students can see their peers through a screen and a specific camera for interacting with them. Online students can participate in the class and be seen by the professor and their classmates. This enables students who are following the class online to fully integrate with those who are there in person.

Equally, students who cannot attend classes live - because they live in a different country and time zone or for any other reason - will be able to access the content recorded whenever they want as it will be uploaded to a virtual classroom. They will also have one-to-one tutorials to help answer their questions.


Ready for a safe return

At Universidad CEU San Pablo, we are preparing everything so that our campuses can open this September and be as normal as possible. We have developed safety protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus and respond in the event that somebody (student, teacher or admin staff) tests positive.

Spaces have been adapted to encourage two meters social distancing; we have taken measures to limit capacity, change classroom layouts, close some non-essential areas and introduce one-way systems in common areas.

Additionally, in order to guarantee safety, meticulous cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been established for both facilities and materials.

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